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Arado was originally set up in 1975 to design and market radically new types of metal detector for the hobby market. It was widely recognised at the time that the high frequency discriminators then being marketed gave very disappointing results.

Arado began by marketing Britain’s first really successful discriminator, the VFA90, followed a few months later by the IBA45, both operating at VLF and giving enormous performance improvements over previous designs.

The introduction of the Model 120 ground excluding meter-discriminator made possible efficient detection of deep objects inland for the very first time. The Model 120 and its successors, the 120B and 130 gained a superb reputation for performance and reliability. 

Although Arado withdrew from the hobby market in 1991, design work of equipment for specialist overseas markets has continued, with some truly fabulous results.

We have decided to make available to the hobby market some of the benefits of this design effort, initially in the form of our new Model 320.  


Introduced Name Type Frequency

 Coil type 

1975 NovVFA90VLF Disc4.5 & 9.0 KHz

Full-scan 8"

option 5" & 10"

1976 SeptIBA45 VLF TR Disc 15 KHz 2D 8 inch diam
1977 June120 VLF Analytical 3.0 KHz 2D 8" diam
1978 April120B VLF Analytical 4.5 KHz2D 8" diam
1979IBA65VLF TR Disc18 KHz2D 8" diam
1981IBA95VLF TR Disc18 KHz2D 8" diam
1982Type 240 

VLF Analytical mine

Military detector

12 KHz2D 8" diam
1986130VLF Analytical5.5 KHz2D 8" diam
1988TR 180LF TR38 KHz2D 8" diam

 1991 January.  Withdrew from Hobby Market to concentrate on development of specialist  equipmant of extreme performance capability.

 2009 Started limited production of Model 320 for hobby market with 25 cm 2D coil

2016 developed a new low fequency 2 man deep seaker the Arado 1000

Other detectors are under test and development



Arado Metal Detectors  | Tel: 07817 200279

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